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Suppose you are looking to buy some books by Michael Lewis. Imagine walking into a market hall that is completely filled with books, newspapers, journals and other publications all mixed together in a gigantic unordered, unstructured pile. Trying to find anything in that mess is next to impossible right, eh?

Well, welcome to the way we more or less search for information online. Not really all that different. Semantic search could be one of the ways to help us get a better search experience. This article discusses some of the benefits of semantic search and names the biggest challenges that need to be overcome to enjoy those benefits. read more...

14 Jul 2008 13:00| by:Remmert Braat

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Why is it that site search is implemented in such a poor way on many sites out there? To prove my point I will take you through the following example about David:

David has just moved to Rotterdam. His new house has been renovated and David is left with a truckload of rubble and garbage that he wants to dump at the closest disposal site. He's heard that there are self-service disposal sites in the area. All David needs to do is figure out which site is closest and what its opening hours are. So David sets out to gather all the information he needs to achieve his goal. He visits the Rotterdam city website but thinks the menu is too cumbersome and can't find what he needs, so finally decides to try search.